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Illegitimi non carborundum

Consolidated Fund Rorts

The UK/GB and NZ Crown state administrations (state-admins) have been/still are, plundering their respective Consolidated Funds (C/F) public purses by using Rorts 1 & 4 and Rort 2& 3 respectively by the illicit methods used to build up those C/Fs, with Rort 5 being used to circumvent the NZ Privacy Act 1993 and GB Data Protection Act 1996.

Rort 1, the GB state admin have (since 1970) clearly DEFIED their standing statutory intentions contained in s.113 of the GB Social Security (SS) Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 Chapter 4 (C&B), a C&B amended from the GB Nat. Health and Insurance (NHI)) Act 1948, by applying s.113 of the C&B, to just some of their international fully entitled/awarded Nat Insurance Fund (NIF) benefit annual up-rates, absent from GB.
The ownership of these awarded pensions was obtained by the making earned mandatory/voluntary personal contributions for the benefit of calculating their private NIF pensions, by the GB Pension Service (PS), the fiduciary arm of their Dept of Work and Pensions (DWP). NIF awarded pensions are made under the contractual conditions of the C&B s.1 (1) (a & b), s.1 (2) (d) and S.2 (a & b), who have retired to live in certain other Commonwealth nations.
Being administrated by the PS of DWP doesn’t make these awarded pensions state-funded as, there is a distinct line between state-funded/granted and personal/privately funded earned benefits to pensions, i.e. a state-funded/granted pension is a Type 1 and a self funded pension is a Type 2, these being the only types that all pensions can be classified as.

Rort 2, the PS fiduciary admin then returned our unlawfully unpaid Type 2 lawful increases to the GB C/F, to be added to the other lawfulBILLIONS of GB£. The GB Crown admin then laundered some of those billions unlawfully to the GB Crown’s commercially awarded “public sector” retirement pensions as “annual enhancements” funded by the GB tax-payer.  This is definitely unlawful as no Parliament can been given such a mandate by the GB public!
As only a particular Parliament can amend their own statutory legislation of contractual condition/enhancements to commercial pensions’ therefore, the govt Executive arm of a Parliament, only pass legislation that is consistent with any statutory enactment i.e. NZ W&I SWN No.320-100-947 (Ms. 947) was employed in the GB public sector from 1973-88 and was a contributor to that public sector commercial pension, she was offered early retirement enhancement by the govt (of the day) as an inducement to retire early. She  accepted the offer (at aged 58) of a 40% enhancement to that pubic sector pension, some 26 years ago, and the tax-payer is still footing the bill!
What that govt should have done is, encouraged Ms. 947 to take redundancy, pay her the correct commercial redundancy settlement and not expect the public tax-payer to pay that enhancement until she passes away, even if that event could have been only one week after taking early retirement.  It appears that govt took a gamble with the GB tax-payer’s money!
There must be something fishy with this (and perhaps millions of other) public sector enhancements” as Ms. 947’s “enhancement” is being paid through the commercial New York Mellons Bank, WHY? Did the PS take this unusual practice when they have a safe secure mailing system of their own plus access to all Ms. 947’s contribution records, including the NIF contributions record that I have on file (as her authorized agent)?

Rort 3  the MSD/NZ admin have (since 1970) clearly DEFIED our Parliaments long standing statutory legislation authority in s.3 the Social Security Act 1964 (SSA), to NOT apply the INTENTION of the SSA’s s.70 regime (which has the sub-heading proviso [For the purpose of this Act, if]) this Act being the SSA and s.70 to directly deduct (in NZ$) any overseas SS commercial pension scheme unless, Article 15 in the Orders in Council (made under the SW (Transitional Provisions) Act 1990 legislation) is INVOKED as, NZ does not have such an international SS commercial pension scheme!
The NZ C/F is then lawfully topped up with our unlawfullyunpaid entitlements benefits returns that are then added to other lawful C/F returns of asset sales etc. Pat & I have been underpaid by over $110,000 (since 18th Oct 2000) out of the much vaunted (by NZ/MSD), NZ state-funded, income/asset free Superannuation (NZS)! All NZS benefits of underpayments (literally over 50,000) are then returned to the NZ C/F

Rort 4 the NZ state admin then unlawfullyannually plunders HUNDREDS of MILLION (in NZ$) from the public purse of our C/F to illegally “top up” their own commercially private Govt Superannuation Fund (GSF) as, these GSF contracts have had shortfalls caused by the illegal use of the Crown’s statutory authority (as employers), to refuse to match their employees contributions in the contractual 1956 GSF Act scheme between 1956-92, this scheme being closed to new members on 30th June 1992 but, still operating for the old contributors/members, see the NZ Ponzi scam article.
Example of just how two of these joint GB/NZ Crown admin Rorts work:- In 1955, GB ex-pat Mr. George Key, his Austrian born wife Mrs. Ruth Key and daughter Liz, migrated to NZ. In 1962 son John was born followed by sibling Sue a few years later but, the passing of George (1900-69), blighted the Key family’s attempt at starting a new life after the horrors of W W 2 and the very austere times after that terrible war.
On Leighton Smith’s 1ZB radio interview (6th Sept 2013), John Key now the NZ PM stated, “Reciprocal agreements make a great deal of money annually for the NZ govt” but, “forgot” to add “illegally! Did the PM not know his parent’s family had been subjected illegally to these separate GB, NZ combined rorts (with different end results)?
On the 1st Jan 1970 the NZ/UK (GB) inter-govt subordinate to statutory legislation reciprocal agreement (agreement) was introduced and unlawfully used to “freeze” the Key’s ownership of the NIF commercial entitlements to the year they were first awarded (whether it was in 1965 or 1969 is irrelevant) but this ‘freezing’ was illegal and detrimental to our NZ economy, by not up-rating the Key family GB SS benefits.
This also happened to thousands of other GB migrants to NZ recipients of commercial SS benefits with the NZ govt receiving less of an annual increase (due to the invoking of Article 15 which caused the s.70 regime to be invoked).
After 1975, this NZ Crown action was illegal as, only if Article 15 is invoked, can this action be lawful. In the 1975 Key’s case, the revoking of the1970 agreement was lawful and the continued interlocutory use of the intention of the s.70 regime CANNOT therefore, be lawfully applied to their overseas privately owned, SS commercial entitlement, this ownership being reinfoced as per Article 2 the 1948 UN Declaration of Human Rights, in spite of the Auckland University Retirement Policy & Research Centre (RPRC) recent paper that s.70 could lawfully used!

Rort 5 has so far, been a NZ Crown successful (but unlawful) attempt to circumvent the NZ Privacy Act 1993 and the GB Data Protection Act 1996 by making these GB Type 2 and NZ SS Type 1 benefits subject to the same 1990 SW Orders, if the recipient and his/her partner are both fully qualified for the NZS.
The original remittance of the GB PS SS commercial benefits was too the International Affairs (now I.S.)/ NZ Crown admin for the safe keeping and onwards transmission to their rightful owners but, I.A. were keeping those SS benefits for their own use.
The PS were then forced to remit those SS commercial benefits directly to the SS entitlement owners, therefore Ruth must have been deceived or conned (one cannot be forced into a contract, even a mandatory one) into entering a commercial so called mandatory contract between her/GB PS/WestPac Banking Group/W&I/MSD/Crown, to allow her UN Human Rights (unbeknown to her) to be trampled on.
The W&I participation was related to me by retired Mr. Ross Gillette, but still guilty of misfeasance, Senior Manager International Services (I.S.)/W &I/ MSD/Crown, in 2006 at the W&I, Auckland HQ in front of four other NZS victims, one the late Mr. Keith Diamond, and Mr. Geoffrey Ogle then the manager of the International Pension Centre (IPC) of the GB PS.
Incidentally, Mr. Gillette was the instigator of the 1987 Wellington High Court farcical decision in case No.M270/86, Roe v Social Security Appeal Authority, where it was found that, Dr. Roe’s self/private employers earned/awarded contributory (thus commercial) pension from the USA dedicated Social Security Fund was the equal of the NZ state tax- payer-funded, income/asset free Superannuation!  Has no-one bothered to tell that Judge (or Gillette) that a Type 2 cannot possibly be a Type 1 pension?

F. C. Dunn
Owner of GB NIF contract No. ZE153877B
W&I No. 355-943-362
Pat’s W&I No. 280-534-416

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