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The"lucky" 13 MPs!

As Claire Trevett remarked in her article on A3 of the NZ Herald (18th June 2009),"The lucky 13 MPs have gilt-edged super scheme entitlements that are cast-iron and guaranteed" and they are, the Speaker Mr. Lockwood Smith, Hons. Bill English, Tony Ryall, Murray McCully, Nick Smith, John Carter, Maurice Williamson, plus Lianne Dalziel, George Hawkins, Ross Robertson and Pete Hodgson of the Labour Party. Also Progressive leader Jim Anderton and United Futures Peter Dunne.
What Claire didn't mention was that the MPs already retired, like Helen Clark, Michael Cullen, Jonathan Hunt, Jenny Shipley, Jim Bolger, Richard Prebble and many others could be all "on the pigs back", not to mention the other 72,000 "public service" members of that scheme!
Other interesting things are that MPs Mr.Trevor Mallard and Annette King were in that scheme but by being booted out of Parliament for a time, lost their place on the gravy train, incidentally so did Mr. Phil Goff! Mr. Jim Anderson has claimed the NZ Super benefit and Mr. English, Finance Minister, has written"porkies" to Mr. Roberson, what a scam!
Claire has the idea (probably from the"public service") that the public service super scheme only provides 3%"top up" but a 3% and from where? More like 50% top up from our Consolidated Fund!
This year (June 2008 June 2009) our top ups to them are projected to be NZ$654,000,000 and that's where the"porkies" come in, from the Finance Minister, as those top ups are incorporated into the Government Super Scheme (GSF), a scheme controlled by the GSF Act 1956, GSF scheme to award pensions that are not taxed, but they will say they deserve that, yeah right.
The untaxed total FROM 1997 now totals NZ$11,454,000,000! This information can be gleaned from the letter sent by that Minister to the Opposition Spokes person Mr. Ross Robertson, dated 11th May 2009, anyone care for a copy?
The actual GSF schemes (there is more than the one closed to new members in 1992) are all governed by the same statutory regulations in that Act. Those schemes are enclosed in different Parts of that GSF Act 1956, but the bureaurats (no spelling mistake) interpretation of Part 7, leave a distinct sense of unease.
Is that scheme as "cast-iron" as it first appears? It may said to be governed by the statutory GSF Act 1956 but the "cast-iron, gilt-edged" benefits are definately NON-statutory, just like other contributory pensions so are the statutory instructions being followed implicitly, as it first appears?
Read the statutory instructions in Part 7 of that GSF Act and have a little thought about them:
95A A Authority to incur certain expenses
(1) The Crown may incur expenses relating to its liability under this Act in respect of contributors and beneficiaries.
(2) Without limiting subsection (1), expenses may be incurred under the�authority of subsection (1) without further approbation than this section.
Now I am no legal expert but I know it is not natural to contribute to a non-contributory pension so�those expenses MUST ONLY be without limitation to the certain STATUTORY expenses.
As the benefits are NON-statutory they cannot naturally be met from OTHER statutory approbations from any other source, follow?
Those top ups are unused statutory annual approbations of other Ministries, deposited in our Public Consolidated Fund for the use of the government for unforeseen circumstances. The reason that these top ups cannot be called unforeseen is, if there is less and less contributors with more and more beneficiaries then it's like a "ponzi" scheme, somebody is going to get hurt financially when the pyramid collapses!
Plus these other Ministries approbation savings are from the UNDER FUNDING of the Social Services we pay our taxes for, that's why our Social Services are crying out for more money!
Over retired 50,000 (the rest of the 72,000 members not yet retired) of this"cast-iron" super scheme most probably include ex-State Service Commissioners Mark (brother of Richard) Prebble and Michael Witterington plus other"Civil" servants who will be"enjoying" these gilt-edged benefits, "guaranteed" by the NZ public to that closed to new members, GSF scheme.
It is estimate that of the 20,000 (+ a few 1,000) contributing members to that GSF scheme, they probably include Ross Gillett, Nat Manager/International Services/WINZ/MSD, Professor Barry Spicer of Auckland University Business School, staff barrister of the Retirement Policy and Research Centre (RPRC) Mr. Michael Littlewood and his co-director Dr. Susan St John. The RPRC just happen to be the advisors of the MSD, funny that!
The 23 questions posed in the unanswered letter to Mr. Littlewood, May 2009 (see Home page ) resulted in an email from his co-director, requesting the private details of that persons PRIVATE NIF pension, so theres no doubt Mr. Littlewood received that letter but no answers as of yet!
In the tale of "The three needy widows" (same Home page), one widow is the late Mrs. Ruth Key, mother of the NZ PM. She escaped Austria in 1939, fled to England, married Mr. George Key in 1948 and migrated to NZ in the mid 1950s, leaving behind entitlements to a similar UK cast-iron super, only this is NOT guaranteed by the UK govt, except for 17% of any shortfall, which is then recovered the following year.
The facts regarding the late Mrs. Ruth Key is in Mr. Key's biography written by Eugene Bingham and can be viewed on the NZ Herald web site. It also describes the late Mrs. Ruth Keys action of"jumping out of the frying pan into the fire", that is if you know the commonly known facts concerning that biography and UK cast-iron entitlements!
Also on the Home Page is the tale of a UK Veteran who is receiving similar treatment RIGHT NOW only WORSE than the late Mrs. Key. Mr. Charles Pitt (Chas) is a WW2 veteran who paid voluntary contributions (while absent from the UK), as well as occupational ones while in the private/ARMED FORCES employment.
Chas is having ALL his cast-iron natural entitlement stolen by the combined weight of the UK/NZ Social Services bureaurats. Chas (a Dunkirk survivor) submission will indicate his treatment in his"Vets submission" to the NZ Parliamentary SS Committee.

To be continued, God and the burearats willing!

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