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Illegitimi non carborundum


NZ Consolidated Fund scam.

The NZ Crown administration has convinced successive NZ Cabinets that the Government Superannuation occupational Fund (GSF), up to the 1st July 1992 (1st July 1996 if of Island descent) is a PUBLIC occupational pension scheme for its Public/Civil servants when it is in reality, a COMMERCIAL/PRIVATE fund.
Since 1997, that private fund has been unlawfully topped up from the taxpayers PUBLIC CONSOLIDATED FUND (PCF) by the Crown who deliberately engineered annual fund shortfall liabilities!
This laundering of taxpayer money has been influenced by certain Public figures, notably the Speaker, Senior Government Ministers and Opposition MPs all looking the other way. These GSF contributing members have a vested interest as the Crown employers refused to pass on the annually contributions voted them by our Parliament.
No Parliament in the world can pass a statutory Bill with standing statutory instructions to meet a commercial obligation. Special permission with statutory conditions is required ANNUALLY for the PCF to specifically assist a private fund!
Example, the Crown Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme 2010 is not a statutory enactment but a subordinate legislation used to bail out the private South Canterbury Finance Ltd Company with PCF money last year. This scheme is for bailing out certain qualifying private investment Companies once only!
Since 1997 the Crown has laundered NZ$13 BILLION from the PCF. $650m in the July 2009-10 year as Government contributions to THEIR private GSF see last Aug GSFA report to our NZ Parliament
Senior Opposition MP Ruth Dyson has publicly stated that (regretfully) she just missed out on this bonanza by NOT being elected to Parliament until 1993!

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