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Illegitimi non carborundum

Pat Dunn nee Sutton (1936-2010).


Pat, was my beloved wife, mother of our children and my constant companion for 56 years, from 4th Nov 1954-13th Aug 2010. She was my inspiration and taught me the value of an honest family life in the face of adversity, lessons I will never forget.

We met and married while in the UK armed forces, parted (by distance) during a period of my active service, in the dishonest abortive attempt to supersede another nation’s (Egypt) domestic democracy, by UK Crown! This attempt was a badly conceived commercial attempt (by the states of Israel, France & UK), was a dismal failure and a disgraceful attempt to maintain the UK Crown admin policy of “gun boat” democracy.

In 1968 we migrated to NZ , started a new life for our family and I retiring in 1994. After 1995 first, Pat’s UN Human Rights were abused by the UK Crown admin (followed by mine in 2000) when our separate UK NIF SP (State Pension) T2 (Tier 2) occupational pensions were “frozen” to the year we first received them (in spite of commercial legislation), Pat’s T2 in 1997, mine in 2001.

We didn’t receive any Human Rights abuse in 1994, as Pat wasn’t fully entitled to the NZ SP  T1, 18th Oct 2000 (I was fully entitled on the 11th June 1994) to the much vaunted NZ SP T1 (Tier 1) state-funded, interest/asset free NZS (NZ Superannuation). She had to invoke the subordinate Transitional SW Order in Council 1990/85 to enable her to become entitled to the granted, means-tested, MNZS Means-tested NZS).

I, as her married partner, had to forego my NZS, and Pat was then granted this subordinate Order. This meant my full NZ SP T1 was shared 50-50 between Pat & I (from 1994-2000) and we had to surrender the value of our UK SP T2s (to which we were not fully entitled until 1996 & 2000 respectively) to Winz/MSD/Crown.

When Pat became fully entitled to her NZ SP T1 (2000) her T2 hadn’t received any T2 lawful increase since April 1996 and, that Order was revoked, the NZ Crown admin continued to deduct (unlawfully) each of our UK SP T2s from our separate NZ SP T1, until Pat passed away on the 13th Aug 2010. Even after passing away, the NZ Crown continued to deduct Pat’s T2 (which she wasn’t receiving from 13th Aug -10th Sept) from her NZ SP T1, which lawfully paid for a further 4 weeks after she passed away!

The unlawful action of deducting our UK SP T2s (in NZ$s) from our separate NZ SP T1s, cost us approx NZ$90,000 (2000-10) which necessitated using all of our savings and, a further personal loss of approx NZ$13,000 since Aug 2010 to escape the NZ Social Welfare trap. First, one should be aware these two separate nations Crown entities are conspiring against their individual Parliament’s statutory instructions as, the UK admin were still making reparations for the W W 2 loans to the USA but, in the ‘60s this UK admin wanted to join the EU (then the Common Market) for personal reasons against the wishes of its constituents but, where to obtain the many billions of UK£b. membership fee? Enter the IMF (International Monitory Fund).

The UK admin convinced the UK Parliament that it (the admin) could raise the IMF annual loan repayments, the admin would repay this loan from internal revenue generated by the expanded opportunities of trading in the EU, the admin completed this action in 2011 and finally repaid this loan.

One unscrupulous action to repay this IMF loan was to “convince” their nationalised industrial Trade Unions (who had introduced voluntary occupational pensions) to alter their Union’s constitution rules from voluntary membership to mandatory. In return the Crown admin would “relieve” the union admin of the mandatory pension expenses & troubles, guarantee any shortfall in the liabilities for those annual occupational pensions and give 50% of any surplus excess as bonuses, to the pension recipients. The other 50% the Crown would keep “to cover expenses”.

By the Crown admin setting the contribution rates and collected the contributions, this ensured there was an annual surplus shared 50-50. Who could resist such an offer? Certainly not anyone of sound mind but, that guarantee had an Achilles heel!

Then these mandatory occupational retirement schemes were up and running, the “Guarantors” made sure there was a surplus by “creative accounting”, setting the fees and collected the Crown’s 50% share of the surplus (at no cost to themselves as those civil servants are paid by the tax payer), easy when you think of it.

The following stories under the Pulpit notice Board are all factual as I reiterate all the KNOWN facts in 2009 so read and inwardly digest especially the story of Peter Hughes

Frank Dunn

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