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Illegitimi non carborundum

The tale of three needy Widows.

This is the sad parody of 3 ex-servicemen widows, all victimized by the Crown.
The first lady was the mother of Mr. John Key, PM of NZ. The PMs late mum was a member of the UK Nat. Insurance Fund (NIF) and after 14yrs of widowhood became entitled to a NIF commercial pension in 1983 until 2000. She also became fully entitled to the NZ statutory Superannuation (NZS) benefit at the same time. For simplification, the NIF is contributory, the NZS non-contributory and naturally, will not mix.
The Crown became fully aware that Mrs. Key, NZ residence as husband and family paid tax in the 1950/60s (and thus fully entitled to both the non- statutory NIF pension and statutory NZS benefit but, according to their unlawful policy, gave her a choice. This policy ignores the rule that natural law CANNOT be overruled and gave Mrs. Key the option of either receiving the UK NIF or the NZS, even though fully entitled to both!
This was a scam of the lowest kind to be played on the PMs late mum, as it is akin to the kind that occurred during WW 2, a war that forced her to leave Europe in 1939. In 1948 she married the PM's dad and naturally became a NIF member. This commercial NIF pension was paid for by his late dad and his employers, one being the UK Crown!
The second lady, Auckland Grey Power member, number 10770 is another member of the NIF and widowed in 1991, has been denied her full NZS, since 2007. This in spite her late husband being employed by the Crown in the RNZN at the time of their marriage and her subsequent move to NZ, in 1961. Her late husbands death, due to cancer, can be indirectly linked to the 1950s atom bomb tests and a poorly decontaminated ship!
In July 2007, the third lady (NZ born and bred), also a member of the NIF by virtue of her late husbands (a QSM recipient) contributions, was scammed into reassigning her NIF pension to the Crown as a reward, in order to received her full entitlement to the NZS, when she was already fully qualified by our Parliament. One of her late husbands employers was the UK Crown and this is the second time she has been scammed!
It is not our Parliaments wishes that any commercial (Insurance) pension be deducted from the NZS benefit but the Crown is scamming (or attempting to scam), another 55,000 other fully qualified NZS recipients, many ex-service personnel. This scam is a misuse of the UK/NZ Crown administrations statutory authority.
Frank Dunn.Grey Power Federation number 107969
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