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UK pension theft scam.

Like pots of honey are to bees, pension fund reserves are to 'financial experts' or "entrepreneurs", with those "entrepreneurs" always hover around, looking for the chance to 'grab a piece of the action'. Some state administration 'experts' are no different than these 'entrepreneurs' and are attracted to 'something for nothing' schemes.

Remember "entrepreneur" Robert Maxwell who stole 441 Million UK Pounds from newspaper pension funds, in the 1980/90s? He "discovered how to unlawfully access pension funds that didn't belong to him, from the UK Crown "experts". Is this why he was never brought to justice, by the "authorities"? Maxwell committed "suicide" (or so they say) while on his yacht, his body was never recovered and his UK pensioner victims still miss him, especially the newspaper pension funds members, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear of him resurfacing in S. America or some other exotic place!

The UK Crown administrators have, since the early 1960s, been actively engaged in raiding UK pension funds, especially the NIF (National Insurance Fund) cash reserves they responsible for, reserves built up by contributing NIF members, members who contributed while in the armed services/wartime/civilian occupations, even voluntarily.

This is how the scam works: a contributory pension fund was inaugurated by the Mineworkers Union in 1944. It was then voluntary to join, Mineworkers Pension Scheme (MPS) and large fund reserves were built up by miner's personal subscriptions.

Before the 3rd April 1961, that Union Committee was "sold" the idea that if the voluntary MPS was closed, all subscriptions would be returned to those private members and the British Coal Corporation nationalized by previous bureaucrats, would take over the MPS private responsibilities. Those bureaucrats promised, without any specific Parliamentary standing statutory instruction that the Government would stand as Guarantor for the present and future beneficiaries but the MPS would be compulsory. Who could refuse such a deal?

After 1994, the UK Crown administration took over, with the Government as Guarantor and 50% of any MPS surplus to requirements, was paid as Bonuses to scheme member's, the remaining 50% paid to the Guarantor, but how can a state Government be a Guarantor, as it is only the caretaker of taxpayer's money?

So the UK Crown doesn't actually steal those MPS contractual pensions, they just "help themselves" to 50% of the engineered surpluses (by them) the same as the annually engineered NIF surpluses.

From 1st Jan 1970 on, this NIF reserve "surplus to benefit requirements" was further increased exponentially, by unlawfully applying s.113 (a) of their Social Security (SS) Contributions and Benefits Act, Chapter 4 (C&B) to Part I, contractual contribution conditions for the NIF, when s.113 is restricted only to the non-contributory conditions of Parts II - V, for those beneficiaries absent from Great Britain (UK).

These unlawfully engineered NIF reserve increases were/are laundered to the Nat. Debt Commission by s.161 (3) of the SS Admin. Act 1992 (and previous Acts), where they joined the 50% MPS "surplus. They help to pay the unlawful "top ups" to the, for all intents and purposes private, "public sector pensions, similar to other nations unlawful actions, in particular, one being the NZ Crown admin, and I can confidently name others!

It must be emphasized the difference between a state pension and a contractual pension, the first is NON-contributory personally by that recipient and the second is personally CONTRIBUTIONS from that recipient, and is employment related. This difference, although small, is very, very important as one is a statutory pension and the other is non-statutory or commercial benefit to a private pension!

The UK PS (Pension Service), by the unlawful application of a statutory instruction to a commercial contract, is interfering in a commercial contract (which is against international natural justice).

Most abused NZ pensioners, with UK NIF occupational pensions spent time in the armed forces during W W 2 or later skirmishes. Regardless which one (might have been both), they were fighting for our universal democracy that we ALL enjoy today. Sadly, that democracy has been usurped by bureaucrats whose biggest danger is a cold cup of tea and a soggy biscuit!

F.C. Dunn.

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